To get a screen in your residential or commercial building.

Commercial Buildings

Entertainment, information, and conversation-starting with people who pass through commercial buildings every day are among our specialties. We provide updated, dynamic, and authentic information. From fixed information, such as the dollar and euro rates, stock prices on the B3, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones markets, the weather forecast, to traffic updates, and world news curated by our team of journalists. We also target ads for brands of interest to users, according to geolocation and other customizations.

Residential Buildings

With screens in residential environments, we provide family-friendly content, such as tips on leisure, healthcare, food, education, and sports, as well as updated local, regional, and global news.

Installed in a vertical format at eye level, part of the space is focused on information about the building, making it easier for building managers to talk to owners, with a large audience that uses elevators.

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