About us

With the combining of attributes and expertise in the out-of-home market at Elemidia and Eletromidia, we have boosted our urban DNA and created the new Eletromidia.

Today we are the largest OOH media company in Brazil, with more than 70,000 digital and static faces in the largest cities in Brazil.

Our extensive operations include transport areas and airports, residential and commercial buildings, shopping malls, and urban furniture, impacting more than 29 million people every day.

We have always invented a better way and we use data and creativity to develop solutions that generate relevant results and connections between brands and people. Online, offline, all lines.

So, wherever we are, we offer a selection of content, services, and experiences that make it easy to surprise everyone on their journey, whenever, wherever.

Inspiring urban movement from the inside out is in our culture

We believe that every member of our team has the talent to transform and make it happen on a collective journey. After all, the connections we have started are from people to people.

We always find a creative way to convert everyday life into inspirations far from autopilot, whether in the innovation of experience, content, management, infrastructure, or technology of the services we offer.

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