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We are part of the rail transport system in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

  • Generate experience in the main transport systems with different audience segmentations.
  • Be present in formats that allow customization of special projects.
  • Follow your audiences on their day-to-day journeys.

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Sao Paulo

We are present in the most important rail transport systems in the city, connecting all the regions and serving more than 14 million people a day, taking in all the subway lines and the São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company (CPTM).

Subway – TV Minuto

The most efficient format in the São Paulo subway system. Present in lines 1 – Blue, 2 – Green, and 3 – Red, covering the South, North, East, West and Central zones.

3,792 Digital panels

6.7 million passengers a day


The largest public transportation system in São Paulo. Responsible for connecting 23 important municipalities to the central area of São Paulo, and handling internal movement in the capital.

5.3 milhões passengers a day

Coverage of 23 municipalities

Rio de Janeiro

We cover all regions of the city, from Barra to the North Zone, passing through the Center with a more than 3.4 million people a day, comprising MetrôRio, Supervia, VLT, and Buses.


The largest public transportation system in Rio de Janeiro. Responsible for access to the 12 largest municipalities in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

1.1 milhão passengers a day


The most modern means of transport in Rio, connecting the port region to the financial center of the city and Santos Dumont airport, quickly, safely, and sustainably. Media in several points of contact: bus wrap, digital MUB circuit, static, bunkers, external train adhesives, and bus stops.

206,000 passengers a day


One of the most important transportation systems in Rio de Janeiro, from Barra, the Center and the North Zone.

1.8 million passengers a day

Digital panels


Screens on the Bahia Metro and in bus terminals, covering the main neighborhoods and avenues in Salvador and Lauro de Freitas.

Bahia Metro – Line 1 and 2

Communication on the internal train, static and digital MUB, as well as newsstands.

725,000 passengers a day

Salvador Interaction Terminal

Bus terminals in Salvador and Lauro de Freitas, an important link among several neighborhoods and the Bahia Metro.

367,000 passengers a day


Largest digital operation in commercial and residential buildings with a weekly circulation of 10 million people.

  • Relevant content, attention-grabbing, and ideal for when people are waiting – which attracts more attention to the screens.
  • B2C and B2B: follow your audience’s journey in corporate or home environments.
  • Strategic communication directing your campaign according to the location of interest.
  • Economically active audience, influencers and decision-makers with high purchasing and consumption power.

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Commercial Buildings

More than 55,000 companies impacted daily, 400 of them among the largest in the country.

Coverage of 8 million people a week

Residential Buildings

As part of the lives of more than 330,000 homes, residential screens talk to various generations at different times of the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coverage of 2 million people a week


An environment that offers experiences and connects people with brands when they are looking for products and services. Our screens talk to this audience, providing reach for your campaign, with various targeting possibilities on our network. Be in the audience’s mindset at this time of high potential for content consumption with a range of interests.

  • More than 90 malls in 26 cities and states, with 1,600 screens.
  • 85 million people per month in circulation.
  • 846 million impacts a month.

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Sao Paulo city

Presence in 36 Malls

Over 347 million impacts a month

Over 32.6 million people in monthly circulation

Sao Paulo state

Presence in 11 Malls

Over 104 million impacts a month

Over 8.3 million people in monthly circulation

Rio de Janeiro

Presence in 16 Malls

Over 136 million impacts a month

Over 15.1 million people in monthly circulation

The South and Southeast: Minas Gerais, Curitiba, and Porto Alegre

Presence in 3 Malls

Over 30 million impacts a month

Over 4.2 million people in monthly circulation

The North and Northeast: Salvador, Fortaleza, Joao Pessoa, Natal, and Porto Velho

Presence in 20 Malls

Over 109 million impacts a month

Over 18 million people in monthly circulation

The Central-West: Goiania, Cuiaba, and Brasilia

Presence in 8 Malls

Over 111 million impacts a month

+ 7 million people in monthly circulation


We are present in the four busiest airports in Brazil!

  • The audience with the highest buying potential.
  • Increased attention paid to screens when waiting.
  • High-impact screens that appeal to the audience and increase the visibility of your communications.

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Rio-Galeao International Airport

The second-largest city in Brazil and the main tourist destination in Brazil.

Mapping of the main points of contact with digital and static media.
More than 150 faces.

13.6 million passengers in 2019

Over 1.1 million people a month

Congonhas Airport

We are present at the second-busiest airport in Brazil.

Mapping of the main points of contact with digital media. More than 70 faces.

22 million passengers in 2019

1.8 million people a month

Porto Alegre Airport

The largest city in Rio Grande do Sul

Mapping of the main points of contact with digital and static media. More than 200 faces

8.3 million passengers in 2019

691,000 people a month

Fortaleza Airport

One of the most important cities in the northeast and the fifth-largest city in Brazil

Mapping of the main points of contact with digital and static media. More than 190 faces

7.2 million passengers in 2019

600,000 people a month


The largest media operation in newsstands in Brazil, in addition to high-impact formats in Belo Horizonte. With static and digital delivery formats, we work with innovative technology, real time management, no production costs, and customized videos.

  • Presence at strategic points in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Guarulhos, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Santos.
  • 7.2 million people impacted a day.

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Rio de Janeiro

  • 41 different neighborhoods
  • Static and digital newsstands
  • 3.8 million people a day
  • Enveloped buses
  • Tembici bicycles
  • Light rail – external formats

Belo Horizonte

  • 57 different neighborhoods
  • Static newsstands
  • Digital Circuit (panels, stalls, gables)
  • 1.4 million people a day
  • Static gables


  • 13 different neighborhoods
  • 707,000 people a day
  • Digital newsstands


  • 11 different neighborhoods
  • 164,000 people daily
  • Static bunkers


  • 13 different neighborhoods
  • 264,000 people a day
  • Static newsstands


  • 23 different neighborhoods
  • Tembici bicycles
  • Over 782,000 people a day in circulation

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