Be part of your audience's
urban journey


Development of special projects tailored by the creative team to offer scenarios for every moment of the audience’s journey.


We initiate connections between brands and people with relevant content at the right time and in real-time.


We deliver customized projects that go beyond the conventional, offering free useful services to the public,such as Wi-Fi and mobile phone charging in the São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company street furniture.

Why advertise

Follow your audience anywhere and start the ideal conversation. We are present in the daily lives of 26 million people. Mass media with the power to target your audience.


Contact points
Largest digital inventory in the country.


Digital circuits
Largest digital inventory in the country.

The operation behind the experience

Learn about the installation’s safety, technology, and infrastructure to develop experiences that move cities, and learn how to be a partner.


Why have screens in your building

Manage internal communications and relevant content, while facilitating a connection between resident’s association managers and residents.