Heineken – Lollapalooza

With a concept similar to that of Carnival, our portfolio covers the main accesses to the event, which takes place at the Interlagos racetrack. The main station for those who go by public transport (recommended by the official organizer of the event) is the Interlagos Racetrack Station on the L9 Esmeralda line. Because we cover the L9 Esmeralda and the two lines that access it (Yellow and Lilac), this project is very attractive. In 2019, we had Bradesco at the Interlagos Racetrack Station and coverage by urban furniture on the L9 Esmeralda line. Samsung had Pinheiros Station L4, which connects to Esmeralda L9, and GM had connection points (Pinheiros and Santo Amaro) with the Premium Walkway tunnel, in addition to the enveloping of L9 Esmeralda trains. Mentos held a karaoke session at Pinheiros Station for people to warm up for the festival.